Original Landscape Painting – The Old Home

I don’t  know if anyone lives in this old farmhouse or not.  In my mind, this old home has been abandoned and the structure may begin to fall apart as the harsh Texas weather  starts to take its toll on the building.  No matter how dilapidated it might eventually become —every Spring the  beautiful Texas wildflowers will turn this piece of property into a thing of beauty.  I painted this scene about 3 weeks ago and let my imagination run wild.   Hope you enjoy it.

This painting is an 8×10 original unframed acrylic painted on a gessoed board and sells for $70.00 with a $4.00 shipping charge. If you are not completely happy with the painting, return it within 14 days and I will gladly refund your money. I feel confident you will enjoy this piece of art for many years to come.

If the item is identified as being “SOLD” and you want this particular scene, I will paint the same scene for you. It is almost impossible to paint an exact replica of the scene you see above but you won’t be disappointed with the painting you receive.

Should you have any questions before ordering a painting, please contact me. Your satisfaction is my primary focus.

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